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DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
03.06.2020-04.06.2020Online Altair Event Altair 2020 Global Experience
04.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar Boost Speed and Accuracy of Your RF Microwave Component and Antenna Design
09.06.2020New York City Altair Event Altair Data Analytics Summit
12.06.202010.00 Webinar Le Soluzioni Altair per il Settore Biomedicale
16.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar The Benefits and Hurdles of Using Shot Sleeve Simulation - A Case Study of a BMW Clutch Housing
17.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar FEA Analysis for Faster and More Accurate Shipbuilding
17.06.20209:00 - 15:30 CET/ Online Altair Event Virtual ATCx - Altair's Electromagnetic Day
17.06.202010:30 a.m. EDT I 9:30 a.m. CDT I 3:30 p.m. BST Webinar How To Achieve Optimized Trading Analytics
22.06.202017:00 CEST (Spanish) Webinar Modelado de procesos de fabricación farmacéutica mediante simulación de partículas
23.06.202014:00 - 15:00 Uhr Webinar Berücksichtigung von Multiphysikalischen Aspekten bei der Vorauslegung von E-Maschinen
23.06.2020-25.06.2020Virtual Altair Event Altair Data Analytics Summit - Virtual Global Event
24.06.202010:00 am EDT Webinar Powerful and Easy-to-Use Solution for Bolted and Secured Joint Analysis
24.06.2020-25.06.2020Bonn Industry Event 20. Internationaler VDI-Kongress "Dritev“
25.06.202010:00 A.M. EDT Webinar Electromagnetic Solutions for Accelerated Product Development of Aerospace and Defense Systems
30.06.2020Online Webinar Concevez vos moteurs électriques rapidement et efficacement grâce à FluxMotor 2020
30.06.202014:00 CET Webinar Concevez vos moteurs électriques rapidement et efficacement grâce à FluxMotor 2020
15.09.2020-19.09.2020Stuttgart Industry Event AMB - Internationale Ausstellung für Metallbearbeitung
05.10.2020-07.10.2020Online Altair Event 2020 Altair Technology Conference
25.10.2020-29.10.2020Auckland, New Zealand Industry Event CUG 2020
04.11.2020-06.11.2020Bad Salzuflen Industry Event FMB - Zuliefermesse Maschinenbau
05.11.2020-06.11.2020Square Brussels, Belgium Industry Event Materialise World Summit
10.11.2020-13.11.2020Frankfurt Industry Event Formnext 2020
17.11.2020-19.11.2020Bremen Industry Event Space Tech Expo Europe